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Rapid Growth

The W Clay is one of the fastest-growing bleaching clay companies in the world.

We started our business as a small domestic producer; today we have grown and now own four manufacturing plants across China and Malaysia - with a total capacity of above 250,000 mts per year.

Our rapid growth in the bleaching earth sector was initially encouraged by oil refineries in and around the Asian regions. Now, orders are flying in from Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa, and the Oceania regions. Plans are already in place to set up more factories to increase our production output - in line with our vision of becoming the world leader in bleaching earth supply.

Our vision is clear and our timing was precise. Our first plant in Sandakan is situated at the centre of East Malaysia’s densely populated oil palm growth area, coupled with a seaport that is located just 10 kilometres away from the plant. It is equipped with excellent communication facilities, which has enabled us to cater to the needs of our regional and global customers efficiently.

With the setting up of more plants in Port Klang, Pasir Gudang, and Xuyi Jiangsu China; as well as warehousing and bulk tanker facilities in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Kotabaru, Kalimantan, Indonesia – our dream of reaching excellence in research and development, quality control, and traceability is turning into reality. 

Our vision is not limited;
it is expanding day by day

"Exceed Customer’s Expectations"

Our Products

Core Product

Activated Clay (also known as Activated Bleaching Earth) is a highly effective absorbent, extensively used in the refining process to decolourise and purify edible and non-edible oils, animal fats, petroleum jelly, paraffin wax, etc.

W Clay comprises activated and non-activated clays, which are sold under the W Clay trademark.

W Clay’s activated clay is recognised internationally for its consistency in quality and performance. We are capable of producing activated clay that can meet the most stringent refining requirements in the edible oil refinery sector. 

About Bleaching Earth

The best-known property of bleaching earth is its high adsorption capacity, which can be further enhanced with acid treatment. The resultant increases in pore volume and its surface area enhance the above parameters - giving the bleaching earth a high adsorption capacity for phosphatides, colouring pigments, and trace metal impurities. 

The catalytic properties of the clay are responsible for the destruction of peroxides, which increases the oxidation stability of the refined oil.

The particle size distribution is of crucial importance as poor granulation can lead to poor filtration rates and under-performance of the bleaching process.

Thus, it is essential to have tight control over the particle size distribution in order to optimise overall bleaching efficiency. It is important to note that different oils and fats may require different bleaching earth characteristics. As such, W Clay has opted to provide optimised particle size distribution for its clients. 

Our pure "Homogeneous Fullers Earth", which is of premium grade, will be tested and selected by our Quality Control Laboratory, before getting the approval to undergo the activation process. This is the secret behind the quality of W Clay’s end products.

The activation process will go through a certain degree of constant heat temperature to open up the pores and for ionisation, followed by the acid activation process. The product will then be pulverised to maintain an even particle size to maximise oil filtration. 

Edible Oil

W Clay’s activated clays are utilised to absorb various impurities in crude oil and ensure good stability and longer shelf life in refined oil.

Edible oil is an essential commodity in our everyday usage; it plays an important part in everybody's diet. The initial process of manufacturing these oil starts from the Oil Refineries, where pure raw oils from Palm Seeds, Soy Beans, Sun Flower seeds, Coconut Kernels, Linseeds, Olive, Canola, Corn, etc are refined.

The W Clay Industries Bleaching Earth is used to pasteurise, absorb and separate the impurities during this process, while maintaining the essential properties of these sources, making it hygienically clean and safe for human consumption. It also prolongs the shelf life of the edible oil found in supermarkets, retail outlets, and homes. 

Non-edible Oils

W Clay’s activated clays are widely used in refining mineral oils, paraffin oil, and waxes.
Increasing environmental awareness is one of the key driving forces in our direction towards the refining of mineral oils.

W Clay’s activated clays also comply with the stringent requirements of the production of cosmetic and personal care products. 

Product Grades

USAGES Premium Super Super A Super 1A Super AA (2A)
Palm Seed Oil AP R R HR HR
Soy Bean Oil AP R R HR HR
Rapeseed Oil AP AP R HR HR
Sunflower Oil AP AP R R HR
Rice Seed Oil AP AP AP HR HR
Castor Oil AP AP R HR HR
Cotton Seed Oil AP AP R HR HR
Coconut Oil AP AP AP R HR
Hydrogenated Oil AP AP R HR HR
Tallow Oil AP AP R HR HR
AP: Adequate depending on oil quality R: Recommended   HR: Highly Recommended

Delivery Methods

W Clay offers a variety of packing and delivery options to meet our client’s operational needs. Our delivery options include the following:-
1. 25 kg paper or polypropylene bag
2. 900-1000kg bulk bag
3. Bulk powder tanker (selected locations)
4. Container/ bulk shipment (by sea)

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Quality Control

Quality Assurance

W Clay strictly adheres to the Quality Management System and we have been accredited with the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

We have an excellent traceability system in place. Our quality control measures begin right from the extraction of raw materials up to the delivery of the finished product.

W Clay’s products comply with the European Union Fediol Code of Practice for the purchase of fresh bleaching earth in oil refining.

W Clay is also recognised by the relevant bodies - in line with its aim to provide quality assurance and to conform to the safety and government regulatory requirements. 

Global Market

We Only Deliver The Best

Led by a team of experienced professionals, the W Clay Global Market Sales Team only has one goal in mind – to provide the best service to the international market.

With enquiries and orders coming in from every corner of the world, it is safe to say that our products are well received. We have utilised today’s modern technology to its fullest potential in order to tap the global market.

Our Global Sales Team is ready to serve you at the click of a button! We are ready to assist you right from the production stage right to the delivery stage – making you a satisfied customer. 


Be Part of our Family

W Clay Industries' most important asset is its PEOPLE. Here, our dedicated HR Development Team deeply cares for the well-being of our staff.

We create a challenging and rewarding work environment for our people to excel - to bring out the best and to stimulate a high-performance culture.

We welcome healthy competition and we reward our staff for their achievement, performance, and contribution.

Our people are given local and international career exposure and are pushed to take on new roles in our other sub-companies around the world.

Take that leap of faith and kick start your career here with us! 

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